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Water For All Campaign

Drilling equipment December 30, 2020 with some of the villagers of Engalaoni. Mika, a village elder is pictured in the middle in the blue coat. All the way to the left is Deo, the young man whose open heart surgery we funded. 

We are in contract now with a team that has brought their drilling equipment to Engalaoni. Because of the remote location of the village and the poor road conditions, we were only able to get  a small drill to the site where the water survey indicated there may be water. We are hopeful that we can get a larger drill to the site, but road improvement must be made. The owner of the drilling company is concerned about losing his expensive equipment off the rough terrain on the way to Engalaoni. We are praying for better conditions to be able to use the larger drilling machine, as we have to drill at least 110 meters to find water.

The deep water well is estimated to cost $12,700. Normally we would have our annual fundraisers which would help us come close to attaining our fundraising goal, but we have had to postpone them due to COVID. Unfortunately the need for water in Engalaoni can't be postponed. The need is even greater now than before. Coronavirus is in Tanzania as well. The Masai have no funds for buying soap and no way to get clean water. Their only hope is a permanent solution to the lack of water. Hopefully that can begin with us! We have managed to raise the money for the well but will continue to raise funds for the solar pump system and water filtration system which is necessary due to the excessive fluoride in the water.  The fluoride can damage the growing bones of children and leave them crippled.Please donate if you can to our Water for All Campaign.

Engalaoni is a village of about 750 Masai people located high atop a hill outside of the city of Arusha. The one hour trip to the village takes us along difficult bumpy dirt roads and, at certain times of the year, the roads may be impassable, except by donkey. The only clean water source is one water tap located 7 miles from the center of the village. The Masai people are farmers and herders and depend upon rainfall to sustain them. Often though, they are left destitute because of drought. Last growing season, the villagers were devastated during the rainy season by unusually torrential rains, which left their crops damaged beyond repair and they were not able to harvest what they needed for their food supply. Because of this people are starving and we sent more than 50 bags of maize weighing 100 KG each to be dispersed to the villagers during this time of famine.  The forecast for this next season is bleak this year, too. This leaves our friends to find water wherever they can. Drinking water from unknown sources leads to typhoid, disentary, sickness and death, especially for the youngest and oldest villagers.

In July 2019, during the dry season, the only tap in the village went dry. The tap is fed from the water runoff of Mt. Meru. This very unusual situation led us to place 4 sim tanks, which holds 10.000 liters each, in the village. This water will only last the villagers for 2 months, at the most, if they use it wisely.