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food and supplies

To do great work, you need tools. Classrooms school supplies and books. Empty stomachs hurt. They break concentration and make the future seem impossible. Providing food and water is essential part of health.

Engalaoni is a remote rural Masai village where people are still living in 2023 without clean water or electricity. The village is  located high atop a hill outside the city of Arusha. The village is difficult to access with dirt roads nearly impassable during the rainy season except by donkey. The only clean water source is one water tap located 7 miles from the center of the village. The Masai people are farmers and herders and depend upon rainfall to sustain them. Often though, they are left destitute because of drought or the fact that, even during the rainy season, the rain just runs off the impermeable red clay. 

PRESENT:​ Our goal is to drill a deep water well for the village. Geographical location of the village presents a challenge. In order to get the proper drilling equipment to the location of water, we need to improve the road to the village. The approximate costs for the water project are outlined below:

*Improvement of road: $6000.

*Well drilling: $12,500

*Pump and Solar system: $5,000

*Filtration system to remove excess fluoride from the water: $1,800 

Future: The villagers are faced with hardships the likes of which we have never had to endure. Our future goals include improving health care, especially for pregnant women. There is a high infant mortality rate in the village because there are no hospitals or clinics nearby. Another concern is that many children do not attend school because there is no school nearby and it is too dangerous for children to walk to school such a long distance unattended. Once the sun goes down there is no light to study by because there is NO electricity. Our great hope is to partner with an agency like World Vision to provide the most basic services for the poorest of the poor living in this remote village. We are accepting any and all donations for "The Engalaoni Village Hope Project" Please donate through our website or Venmo @seedsofhopetanzania.org  and indicate the funds are to be used for "The Engalioni Village Hope Project"

*Build a Women's Maternity Clinic and prenatal care Center $55,000.

*Build a kindergarten for an early childhood education program $35,000

*Electricity - cost being investigated via the government of Tanzania


Give hope to those who need it most!

PAST:     In 2013 the people  asked us to help them build a church and told us they wanted to put "God first". The church was officially opened on Sunday August 6th, 2017 beginning with a blessing of the church and mass. We are grateful that we began this church project because of the desperate need for water. After a failed attempt to dig a well because of the geographical location and lack of proper equipment, the church serves as a "cache system" to collect rainwater in the gutters and store them in the 6 sim tanks we erected alongside St. Joseph's Church. Although this is helpful to the people it is not a permanent solution. 


Give your helping hand to those who need it!

Our projects

Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of aid work. We work with local community organizers closely. Take a look at past and present projects to see how you can help.

Gifting Program...Want to give a gift in honor of a loved one that will mean the world to someone?

Would you like to join us on our next humanitarian trip to Tanzania? Keep checking the website for updates. In the meantime here are a few photos from our recent trip in October 2022.

our mission:

The Masai Village of Engalaoni 



An education can change a life! Maasai girls are frequently forced into marriage by the age of 14. Our goal is to give children an opportunity to go to school by providing things like uniforms and school fees from elementary school through high school.



​Our annual auction was postponed due to COVID these last 3 years but we will have it on May 11, 2023 at 7pm at St. Mark's Church. Our 14th annual 5K/10K Run and Walk will be held at Moriches Field Brewing Company in early November 2023.