Big News! The 5th grade students at Engliang'et Primary School in Arusha, Tanzania will have a unique opportunity this year to communicate with students half a world away in California. Seeds of Hope would like to thank Ms. Lauren Cantrell, Mr. Kevin Butler, Ms. Mary Chen, Mr. Boniface Mollel and Ms. Anna Mollel for their dedication to bringing our world a little closer together by giving their students this invaluable opportunity!  Engilang'et Primary School and Laurence School became Sister Schools in the fall of 2020 and will spend the year sharing an information exchange via letters, emails, flip grid videos and virtual meetings. The first meeting was held on October 28th, when SOHT founder Debi Mazura gave a brief presentation and held a virtual question and answer session with the 5th grade students at Laurence School. The founder commented, "I have great hope that this connection will bring understanding and compassion as the students  learn through one another, seeing the world in a whole new way." Children leading the way to an interconnected world! 

New and ongoing projects and needs for Engilang'et Primary School and Dormitory:

Medical insurance for children living at the dormitory    $900 per year 

Support for the medical care and education of Leah, Ohini, Lengai, Fanuel, Nanuri, Merinyo and Obedi​

Chicken project: Additional 

                       $10 each 

More of Our students in Tanzania- Past and Present

This chicken project at the schoowhich was provided by The Women's Group from Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in East Moriches.

6th grade girls accepting our gift of science books from Eastport Elementary. Without the education provided by Engilang'et, some of these girls would be forced into early marriage by age 14.


St. Rose of Lima Academy has a student population of 38 with 3 teachers, Flora, Nuri and Rose at the helm. The Tanzanian government suggests a 3 year "kindergarten" program consisting of 3 levels- Baby 1, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. After the program is completed children move on to Standard 1, which is equivalent to our Grade 1. The children receive 2 meals during the day, breakfast and lunch. Currently 15 of the children have sponsors here in the US. The children get a good education and get to fill their bellies- it will most likely be the only food they get that day. We still need more sponsors! Email me at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or click on the donate link below.

The old school...

These children all have sponsors who support their education at St. Rose Academy

Lengai, a 5th grader at Engilang'et plays basketball on the new court we provided last year. He lives and goes to school at Engilang'et

Anna in her "factory" where she makes tablecloths to sell in order to support her school.

Teachers Flora and Rose teaching the children.

ROSIE'S SCHOOL in the village of Olkokola:

                  St. Rose of Lima Academy

We helped Agatha attend Teacher's College after she finished Form 4.  She is pictured here with her child, who needed heart surgery shortly after his birth. Seeds of Hope paid for his surgery. 



Riziki sponsored by          Godson sponsored by       Raphael sponsored by        Hosea sponsored by

Liz Taggart                       Charlotte McGuire            Pat Lazzazaro                  Marie Melfi


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"I slept and dreamed that life was joy

​I awoke and saw that life was service

I acted and, behold: service was joy."

​Poet Rabindranath Tagore

Some of our children at St. Rose Academy on the first day of school July 15, 2020>

​Debi with 6th grader Fanuel, a boy with hydrocephalus who also lives at Engilang'et.

                     Anna’s School – Engilang'et Primary School
Anna Mollel, a courageous and ingenious woman, is dedicated to providing an inclusive education for children with special needs. That is why she began Engilang'et Primary School in 2012. Not only does she have more than 250 children attending school there, but 20 of those children lived with her up until June of 2017 after which she had a dormitory built by Caritas International. All of the 27 children currently living there have a variety of special needs ranging from HIV to cerebral palsy to hydrocephelis. These children require special care, including costly doctor visits and sometimes surgery. Lengai, Ohini and Leah needed to be seen by a doctor because of their special needs. On our most recent trip we brought  them to see Dr. Maya at NSK . They each had x rays and a diagnosis. Leah and Ohini needed surgery to correct limb deformities. Leah’s surgery cost $275 and Ohini’s surgery and prosthesis was approximately $500.  Because of the special medical needs of these children we are working with Anna to get medical insurance for each child. Medical insurance is $35 a year for a child. The total for all 27 children staying in the dormitory would be approximately $900 yearly. 

We send funds monthly ($400) to support the tuition fees for these students and more. We send school supplies and teaching tools to the school.  We also do everything we can to help Anna and her school become fully self sustaining. We provided funds for a beehive project. Anna makes tablecloths in her "factory" to help support her school. We sold more than 60 of her tablecloths here in the states to help support the school which brought in over $1200 in funding for them. In the last 2 years, Seeds of Hope was able to provide Engilang'et Primary  School with school supplies and science books for the 6th and 7th graders, thanks to Eastport Elementary School students and teachers. Eastport Fire Dept. donated 3  IPads for the school's use which will afford children access to  technology. Sweatshirts, clothing and games were provided courtesy of the friends of Mary Rodriguez of CHS in Melville.  They also donated a basketball hoop and basketballs for the new basketball court we built at the school. In the spring of 2016 third grade students at Eastport Elementary did a school to school project called "World Read Aloud Day" with Engilang'et students. Thank you to everyone who has given support to help Anna’s mission of giving every child the chance for an education. 

Anna asked us to help her build a chicken coop for 200 chickens to help provide sustainability and an income generating project for the school. We sent her a donation because a generous group of women from Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in East Moriches made it possible.Thank you for your generous hearts!


​Anna Mollel with the head teacher. 

An education can change a life! These children ages 4- 7 will have an opportunity to attend our kindergarten program at St. Rose Academy, which is a 3 year early childhood education program. Become a sponsor for just $16 a month! Click the donate button and make note of the name of the child you would like to sponsor. Please send an email to let me know you have made your donation and what child you have chosen to sponsor.You will receive a note of thanks, a HOPE bracelet and a photo of your child. Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child!


Our volunteers and teachers from Engilang'et Primary School on our most recent visit.

Yohanna                  Israel                            Daniel                         Winah                     Godfrey                  Claudia

The new school was was officially opened and dedicated on August 14th, 2017. 

World Read Aloud Day project with the students of Engilang'et School and my class.

Ohini, one of the children that attends school and lives in the dormitory at Engilang'et would not have an opportunity to go to school had he not met Anna. Ohini was born with no arms and only one leg.

Furaha sponsored by      Josephine sponsored by     Dainess sponsored by

Edna Davis                    Lisa and Francis Brogan   The Dallesander Family

PrayGod sponsored by         Francis sponsored by       Peter sponsored by

Joanie Archbold                   Tom Reilly                             Carol Carter                             

Here are some children still waiting for sponsors...