Isaiah 58:10
“If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the  poor then your light will rise in the darkness…”

                                                  St. Rose of Lima Pre K and Kindergarten

We met Rosie in 2008 when she began a pre- K program using the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Olkokola. She had more than 40 children attending the program in an old corrugated metal sheet barn that had been used for cattle, which had become a church building. Although Rose was never trained as a teacher and she didn’t get paid, she saw the necessity for children to begin their education early, so she organized the program. When Seeds of Hope saw the desperate condition, they set to work to find sponsors for a school. They took over a half built brick building and began work in 2015. Through the generosity of the  students, parents and teachers of Eastport Elementary, we have raised up a school, hence a village and a generation of children who would never have had the opportunity to go to school. The villagers are so proud of their school and look upon this as a miracle. Their hope is that they can add a classroom every year until they have a fine primary school for the children of their village.

Teachers Flora and Rose teaching the children.

ROSIE'S SCHOOL in the village of Olkokola

We helped Agatha attend Teacher's College after she finished Form 4.  She is pictured here with her child, who needed heart surgery shortly after his birth. Seeds of Hope paid for his surgery. 


              EngaliL'et Primary School 

Anna Mollel opened EngaliL'et Primary School in 2012. She encourages disabled children to attend her school. These children are often shunned by society and kept out of school  because of their disabilities. We support Anna's school with a monthly donation that supports Nanuri (girl pictured on the right. She has club feet and no fingers on her right hand). We also support Obedi, who is HIV positive and Lengai who has a spine deformity which makes walking difficult. We have also provided school supplies and teaching tools to the school. On our recent trip we donated 20 dictionaries to the school. In the spring of 2016 third grade students at Eastport Elementary did a school to school project called "World Read Aloud Day" with EngaliL'et students.

The old school...

Educational Scholarships to Attend  Primary and Secondary School and Beyond!
resently Leonia, Eric, Ibrahim, Elikunda, Enigenja, Ruth, Obedi, Christina and Angel  are attending secondary school. In 2019 three more boys will be going to secondary school. The budget to keep these children in secondary school keeps growing as the number of children attending school grows.

We helped Monica and three other girls go to a 3 year vocational training program in Namanga. Currently, a young girl named Penina is attending that school for tailoring. Some of the girls were in danger of early pre-arranged marriages if they didn't have the opportunity to attend school.
In addition to our secondary students, we also support 2 women in their 30’s who have been given the opportunity to go back to school.  Rose is completing an education degree and Montessori training as well as going to school to learn English. Furaha is completing her high school equivalency, then plans on going to vocational training to open her own business.

We support 3 students in college. Robert Sanare, a young father who is completing a 3 year engineering degree, Deo who is attending Singeda College and  Shadrack who is also going to college. Edgar, someone we sponsored during his undergraduate work is now working on his PhD in Education Philosophy and Teacher Training! We also have two new young children, Faith and Damas who entered preschool this year.

School fees and tuition for our more than 20 children attending school:

$14,280 per year

The new school was was officially opened and dedicated on August 14th, 2017.