One of our students, Deo, is now in Singida College in his second year. In 2013, when we found Deo, he was near death and needed open heart surgery. We flew him to India where he had 3 heart valves replaced. He is a courageous young man who continues to strive and fulfill his dream of an education and a better life. And now he even " pays it forward". Deo told me about a fellow student, Grace, who needed help. She is now one of the students we support.

My grandchildren, Izabella, Olivia, and Cole, were so touched by Deo’s story and the stories of other children who just want a chance to go to school, that they created “Deo’s Dream”, an idea that supports school fees for children who have never been to school. They designed, made and sold bracelets and raised more than $100 in one day to support the education of children in Olkokola. Our goal is to raise a total of $305 to buy school uniforms for 19 children. After that their hope is to encourage enough people to support a child at St. Rose School. Just $13 per month donation would allow a kindergartener a chance to attend school. If this idea touches your heart, please consider going to the donation page at  and make a reoccurring monthly donation of $13 . We’ll send you a homemade “Deo’s Dream” bracelet!

The new school was was officially opened and dedicated on August 14th, 2017. 

ROSIE'S SCHOOL in the village of Olkokola

We helped Agatha attend Teacher's College after she finished Form 4.  She is pictured here with her child, who needed heart surgery shortly after his birth. Seeds of Hope paid for his surgery. 

The old school...

Educational Scholarships to Attend  Primary and Secondary School and Beyond!
resently We support 30 students directly- from pre K - university level, as well as oversee more than 60 children at St. Rose Academy, the early primary school we helped to complete in 2017. The budget to keep these children in school keeps growing as the number of children attending school grows.
We have also helped children receive vocational training. Presently, Elikunda is studying to be an electrician. We have also helped Monica and Penina and three other girls go to a 3 year vocational training program for tailoring in Namanga. Some of the girls were in danger of early pre-arranged marriages if they didn't have the opportunity to attend school.

We also support 5 students in college. Robert Sanare, a young father who is completing a BA in engineering, is in his 3rd year. Grace and Deo are attending Singeda College for business administration. Shadrack will be attending university in October. Edgar, someone we sponsored during his undergraduate work is now working on his PhD in Education Philosophy and Teacher Training! We also have two new young children, Faith and Damas who are in their second year of preschool.

School fees and tuition for 30 children attending school:

$14,280 per year

Isaiah 58:10
“If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the  poor then your light will rise in the darkness…”


                                                  St. Rose of Lima Pre K and Kindergarten

We met Rosie in 2008 when she began a pre- K program using the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Olkokola. She had more than 40 children attending the program in an old corrugated metal sheet barn that had been used for cattle, which had become a church building. Although Rose was never trained as a teacher and she didn’t get paid, she saw the necessity for children to begin their education early, so she organized the program. When Seeds of Hope saw the desperate condition, they set to work to find sponsors for a school. They took over a half built brick building and began work in 2015. Through the generosity of the  students, parents and teachers of Eastport Elementary, we raised up a school, hence a village and a generation of children who would never have had the opportunity to go to school. The villagers are so proud of their school and look upon this as a miracle. Their hope is that they can add a classroom every year until they have a fine primary school for the children of their village.( see more information about our school on our Project and Progress page)

Teachers Flora and Rose teaching the children.