Grateful thanks to Elise Allen and Chrissy Mazura who spear headed efforts to collect used teaching supplies, posters and educational supplies to share with teachers at Saint Rose Academy in Tanzania. Grateful thanks also to Robin Siegel Smith for her donation of big books which kept the students at Saint Rose academy engaged as our volunteers read aloud to them on our visit. ​So many others, too numerous to count helped us with our school supply drive. Special thanks to Kerri Flinn, Bernice Polinsky, Darlene McGovern, Camille Sabatelle, Manny and Peggy Felouzis, Joann Julian Moran, Marilyn Reda, Judy OBraitis, Cathi Dallesander, Joanie Archbold, Terry Tanner, Laura DiMartin, and the many people who dropped off supplies or sent them via Amazon. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!


Father Festus Mangwangi and Furaha Mangwangi were our tour guides during our many visits to schools and churches during our time in Tanzania. We also made connections with members of Alcoholics Anonymous . We were able to introduce the idea of 12 step recovery to the parishes of St John The Evangelist in the village of Olkokola, Sacred Heart of Mary Parish in Arusha, and Saint Joseph Parish in Engalioni. An ongoing effort to begin an AA meeting at Saint Paul Center in Arusha Will help those who are feeling hopeless and helpless due to the disease of alcoholism. It is only through the grace of God and the connections that we made during this last trip that allowed this amazing spiritual connection to take place.

We visited with Little Sisters Of St Francis of Assissi at our new convent that was finished in August 2022. Sister Winifred, Sr. Nefa, and Sr. Yakunda welcomed us and gave us a tour of the convent. These wonderful sisters will support the education of our students attending Saint Rose Academy to make it the best early education school in Olkokola. ​Grateful thanks to the Linden and Barker families who donated to insure the completion of the house.

Grateful thanks to Jim Linden, Barbara Benedict and Francis and Lisa Brogan who made the trip to Tanzania this past October. During our trip we  visited the children that attend Saint Rose Academy In their homes. Volunteers  from “Dress a Girl Around the World” made dresses for our youngsters Tanzania. The girls were delighted with their new clothing! Here are a few photos of our visits. Grateful Thanks to Agatha and Susan for their efforts to make sure we had these special dresses for our students. 



The Students who have graduated from Saint Rose Academy will be joining the little sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi at Mother Kevin Boarding School for their primary education. This year we will support 14 children as they go onto grade one at mother Kevin school. We are grateful to our Friends who sponsor children in our education program. This allows us to have the funding to pay for school fees which allow these children to have a wonderful educational experience.    


​Our trip to Tanzania 2022 and our progress


School Supplies delivered to 4 Schools

Grateful thanks to Long Island Junior Soccer League and to Christopher Simon and Mia  D’Cuhna and their families who led an effort to collect and purchase soccer balls, cleats, team T-shirts, shorts and coaches shirts for the children and coaches at Engilanget Primary School. It was their wish that we would provide team jerseys and uniforms so they could field a team to compete with local schools this  soccer season. The donations created a lot of joyful faces! Grateful thanks to Long Island Junior Soccer League for their generous donations!