One of our favorite projects we support is the Cannani Center. Here 39 orphaned children find shelter and a loving home. Half of the children

are HIV positive and require special diets and special care.
We helped the center begin a Chicken coop project for sustainability in 2016 by donating money to purchase more than 150 chickens.  The project has been very successful! Besides having eggs for the children to eat,  they are able to sell the eggs for profit and in the next year plan to sell chicks as well. 
      On our visit in August of 2017 we worked on a tree planting project with the children. We read a book together titled “Planting the Trees of Kenya”, a book about the importance of replanting trees. We got to work planting 100 trees on the grounds with the help of William from FOSECU and our SOH journeyers Mary Rose Rodriguez, Jim Linden, Melissa Battaglia, RaeAnn Mariella and Mary Rodriguez. 

      On this trip we used our creativity to paint murals with the children in the school and playcenter! Future projects to help the sustainability of the center are a bee keeping project and a paving project which will keep the children safe.  The center will be able to sell the honey to local supermarkets and hotels for profit.       

Needs and expenses for Cannani Center-
Paving Project $6000.
Bee Hive Project $1995.

Upcoming projects and needs for Engaliet Primary School and Dormitory:

Medical insurance for all 20 children $500 per year

Support for the medical care and education of

Leah, Ohini, Lengai, Nanyori $400 monthly


      Engalaoni is a village of about 750 Masaii people located high atop a hill outside of the city of Arusha. The one hour trip to the village takes us along difficult bumpy dirt roads and, at certain times of the year, the roads may be impassable, except by donkey. The only clean water source is one water tap located 7 miles from the center of the village. The Masaai people are farmers and herders and depend upon rainfall to sustain them. Often though, they are left destitute because of drought or the fact that, even during the rainy season in November and December, the rain just runs off the impermeable red clay. 

     In 2013 the people of the village asked us to help them build a worship space. The church was officially opened by His Grace Josephat LeBulue, Archbishop of Arusha on Sunday August 6th, 2017 beginning with a blessing of the church and mass. The opening was an amazing celebration of love! The foundation stone and altar were blessed and more than 60 confimandi were confirmed. The Shrine of Our Lady of the Island donated an altar cloth, sborium and chalice to the new St. Joseph’s Church. After Mass, the celebration continued  with a dinner for the entire village…the love and gratitude was overflowing! This church building project was made possible by the generosity of Frank and James Barker and their families and the parishioners of St. Lawrence Church in Shelburn, Connecticut. 
     One of the main reasons that we began this church project was because of the need for water in this area. Holy Trinity in Whitestone, New York took a collection and raised funds to help us begin the work for a water project. Students at Eastport South Manor High School, with their teacher Jolie Wicks helped raise more than $900 for the cause. In august we met with Pastor Vomo, a representative of World Serve International. They assured us they would help us find water in the area. After paying them $1500 to do a water survey, we found out that it IS possible to drill a well! Our work on the well has begun...a dream realized after 9 years of prayer! we have raised $10,000 of the $22,000 it will cost for the well and the solar system to power it. You can help by donating toward its completion!

Needs of the Village of Engalaoni:

Water -Well    $12,000 left to raise


Standing with the children in front of the chicken coop.

A dam could be built in this area to help harvest water. It could be a sustainable water source and could be used to irrigate and reforest the landscapeIt is a huge undertaking. The project will cost $24,000.



                  Monduli Rehabilitation Center

Things at the center continue to improve. The 5 water cisterns that we built have certainly helped with the need for water. The garden we helped to improve on our trip in 2010 now provides the center with the food they need. Drip irrigation systems were purchased and installed to provide irrigation to improve the yield of the garden. We bought materials for a fence to contain the chickens so that the center will have fresh eggs each day. The center has new roofs on all the buildings and things continue to improve there. The center is now self-sustaining as far as food and water go. In 2014, Seeds of Hope provided funds for cleft palette surgeries through generous donors. In December of 2106, we funded leg surgeries for a family of 3 brothers who had advanced cases of Rickets due to the excessive fluoride in the drinking water. Two children we support, Leah and Ohini, had surgeries and recovered here at the Monduli Center where they received physical therapy daily.
Needs for the center: Braces for children who have had surgery

When the heavy rains come during the rainy season the rain runs off and creates deep trenches in the ground near the center.

                    Anna’s School – Engaliet Primary School
Anna Mollel, a courageous and ingenious woman who began this school in 2010 is dedicated to providing inclusive education for children with special needs. That is why she began Engaliet Primary School in 2010. Not only does she have more than 230 children attending school there, but 20 of those children lived with her up until June of 2017 after which she had a dormitory built. All of the 20 children living there have a variety of special needs ranging from HIV to cerebral palsy to hydrocephelis. These children require special care, including costly doctor visits and sometimes surgery. Lengai, Oini and Leah needed to been seen by a doctor because of their special needs. By God’s grace we were able to bring them to see Dr. Maya at NSK . They each had x rays and a diagnosis. Leah and Oini needed surgery to correct limb deformities. Leah’s surgery cost $275 and Oini’s surgery and prosthesis was approximately $500.  Because of the special medical needs of these children we are working with Anna to get medical insurance for each child. Medical insurance is $25 a year for a child. The total for all 20 children living with Anna would be $500 yearly. If you would like to sponsor medical insurance for one of the children, please go to the donate button and in the memo please write how you would like the money to be used.

On our August 2017 visit,  Seeds of Hope was able to provide Engaliet Primary  School with school supplies and science books for the 6th and 7th graders, thanks to Eastport Elementary School students and teachers. Sweatshirts, clothing and games were provided courtesy of the friends of Mary Rodriguez of Catholic Home Health Care in Melville.  They also donated a basketball hoop and basketballs for the new basketball court we are building at the school. Thank you to everyone who has given support to help Anna’s mission of giving every child the chance for an education.

Anna would like to build a chicken coop for 200 chickens to help provide sustainability and an income generating project for the school. a suggested donation for each chicken is $5. It is our goal to buy 200 chickens and raise funds for the chicken coop and the feed for the chickens. 

 Cannani Center

Engalaoni- Our Masaai Friends

St. Rose of Lima Academy Pre School and Kindergarten
The school in Olkokola just needed painting and some finishing touches when we saw it on our August 2017 team visit. We took a tour of the classrooms, teachers' offices and workrooms and the new bathrooms! The people of the village are very proud of the new school and are hoping to add a new classroom each year so that as the children grow, so will the school! It is our sincere hope to help with this project in the coming years. One of our benefactors, Therese Bodenstein donated funds for a kitchen and store room for food. By government law, each full time school must have a kitchen to provide lunch for the children. For most of the children who attend our school, this meal will be their only meal of the day. During our visit we officially opened and dedicated the school. As you can see in the photo, the school was made possible by the extraordinary efforts of Eastport Elementary Third Grade students years 2014 -2017. 

​​Needs and expenses for St Rose Academy
           Additional classroom for 2019-20      $12,000

The Cannani Center is in an area where water is scarce and presently it is purchased from the government and kept in cisterns. It is expensive.