​Kids making a difference ...meet my grandkids!

The Barker families helped the dream of a new church become å reality. They have been instrumental in completing nearly every project we have begun. They have been with us since the beginning ...they believed in our cause when things seemed unattainable. 

Grateful Hearts

Looking for a special gift for someone's birthday or anniversary?

Support one of these Seeds of Hope projects and give a lasting gift that will mean the world

to someone! Click the donate button to donate. To make sure the donation goes to the project

you wish, email me by going to the  Contact Us  page. In the message please specify the project

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The Cannani Project- Home to 50 orphans – donate to provide future sustainability for the center.
Health Insurance $30 USD per child per year
The Engalaoni Village Water Project-

Provide maize for children and elderly during the drought 

The DREAM of a well for the village - Please PRAY! 

The Tuition Project- support one of the children we send to school Pre-K to university.

Tuition varies, any donation will help our total budget of more than $12,000 this year.

​​Our Volunteers here and abroad...

“Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. ​Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow”. Isaiah 1:17

My grandchildren, Izabella, Olivia, and Cole, were so touched by the stories of  children who just want a chance to go to school, that they created “DREAM BIG”, an idea that supports school fees for children who have never been to school. They designed, made and sold bracelets and raised more than $100 in one day to support the education of children in Olkokola. Our goal was to raise $305 to buy school uniforms for 26 new children to attend St. Rose Academy which we did! I am so proud of my grandkids! They are learning that no matter how young or small you may be- you CAN make a difference! Their family supports one of the children, Daines, who now attends Mother Kevin English Medium Primary School.

​For the holiday season we are selling these beautiful table cloths and scarves/shawls to support Engilang'et Primary School and program for differently abled children who live there. Your donation of $25 for a small piece or $30 for a larger heavier cloth will help us keep all the amazing programs going at Engilang'et. What a great way to remember those you love and do good in the world as well! You will receive a card with your donation explaining how the funds will be used

Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

The Barkers donated funds for our Water for All Campaign which will build a well in a village of 750 people near St. Joseph's Church. We broke ground in December 2020. We are working with a water company is Arusha to complete the project. Currently we have large sim tanks to act as water cisterns in the meantime. Each sim tank holds 40,000 liters of water which can supply the village for about 2 months in times of drought.

Thinking about volunteering????


*Annual 5K/10K Run= November 6th,  2023 

*Trip to Tanzania, East Africa  
October 2022


Contact: DEBI MAZURA  631-338-8583
Leave a Message; Make sure to reference--"Seeds of Hope"  
or email debimazura@seedsofhopetanzania.org

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Barker Families. They have, in many cases, single handedly kept our work in Tanzania going. During these last couple of years, especially during the pandemic time of COVID 19, and without our fundraisers to continue our work, I thought the life of our charity would be cut short. Jim and Beth Barker donated all the funds to keep our 40 plus children in school and help us run St. Rose Academy. At school children can be educated and get 2 meals a day, which is most likely the only food they will have that day to fill their bellies. Jim, Beth, Frank and Dolores- Thank you for your ongoing effort to make a huge impact on the world! We are so grateful for your BIG hearts!