“Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. ​Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow”. Isaiah 1:17

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Trip to Tanzania, East Africa Summer, 2019

Annual 5K/10K Run , November 12th, 2017

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Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

Looking for a special gift for someone's birthday or anniversary?

Support one of these Seeds of Hope projects and give a lasting gift that will mean the world

to someone! Click the donate button to donate. To make sure the donation goes to the project

you wish, email me by going to the  Contact Us  page. In the message please specify the project

you wish to support.

The Cannani Project- Home to 39 orphans – donate to provide future sustainability for the center.
New mosquito nets                    $40 @$5. Per net
5 new bunk beds                        $115 ea.
Trench project                            $5,000.
Pavement for the center for the safety of the children  $7,000

Greenhouse Project                    $5,000    

The Beehive Project                   $1,995

Mushroom Project                      $1,570

The Engalaoni Church and Water Project- help complete the inside of the new St. Joseph’s Church

and provide a gutter system for water cistern collection.

Provide maize for children and elderly during the drought 

The DREAM of someday providing a well for the village  $21,000                                                                                                             
The School Project in Olkokola-help buy school supplies and support the building of a kitchen  for the school. Finish the plastering of the outside of the building –cost $2,450​

The Tuition Project- support one of the children we send to secondary school and college. Tuition varies,

any donation will help our total budget of more than $10,500 this year.

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